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SMBs and large enterprises have different needs and expectations when it comes to their data center infrastructure service providers.

SMEs are generally looking for cost-effective, scalable and reliable solutions that can support their business growth and innovation. Large enterprises, on the other hand, require more advanced features, such as security, compliance, performance and availability, that can meet their complex and demanding requirements.

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SupraBT, your ally for value and security

SupraBT is a data center infrastructure service provider serving the SMB and enterprise segments. SupraBT offers services focused on getting the most value from your technology infrastructure, systems, networks, virtualization and databases that we can customize to meet the specific needs of each client. We leverage our expertise, experience and alliances to provide high-quality service and support to our customers that positions us as a reliable and reputable player in the data center infrastructure market, with a proven track record of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Success stories

Jacinto Convit Foundation

Is a non-profit institution in Venezuela that promotes science and continues the legacy of Dr. Jacinto Convit. Through research programs, health care, educational projects and community services, they contribute to the well-being of vulnerable populations.

Maison Blanche

Since 2015, Maison Blanche, a Venezuelan company dedicated to the import, distribution and marketing of wines and groceries, relies on SupraBT’s IT support services to protect and strengthen its technological infrastructure.

Central University of Venezuela

The prestigious national and international leading university trusts SupraBT to implement a comprehensive security system. Physical access control was optimized by means of surveillance cameras and license plate readers for vehicles entering university facilities.

Hospital de Clínicas Caracas

The Hospital de Clínicas Caracas, founded in 1985, has more than 1,400 employees and operates on 8 floors with 147 consulting rooms, 12 operating rooms and several offices. It attends a monthly average of 1250 hospitalized patients, 1375 emergencies, performs 1084 surgeries and 84 deliveries.

Hyper-converged information technology optimizes data center at Hospital de Clínicas Caracas

Migrating to hyperconverged infrastructure allowed Hospital de Clínicas Caracas to improve the efficiency of its data center with the support of SupraBT’s technological consultancy.

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SupraBT is a company that provides cutting-edge technological products and services committed to the objectives of its customers, designing solutions that meet their needs, following certified methodologies, relying on the most advanced technology of its partners and achieving optimized business processes to achieve the desired expectations.