SupraBT, a leading provider of IT and business solutions and services for companies located in Latin America, is proud to announce its internal digital marketing maturity capability development plan, a strategic initiative to enhance its digital transformation journey. The plan consists of five pillars: digital identity, organizational engagement, analytical framework, customer relationship management, and campaign planning and execution. As part of the first pillar, SupraBT launched its new website, which showcases its services and solutions, highlights its co-branding with its partners and enhances its lead generation and social media presence. SupraBT aims to advance the remaining pillars throughout 2024 to keep up with the changing needs of its B2B customers and offer value-added solutions.

January 8, 2024

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SupraBT is a company that provides cutting-edge technological products and services committed to the objectives of its customers, designing solutions that meet their needs, following certified methodologies, relying on the most advanced technology of its partners and achieving optimized business processes to achieve the desired expectations.