Hewlett Packard Enterprise is the global platform-as-a-service company from the edge to the cloud that helps organizations accelerate time to results by unlocking value from all data, everywhere. We build on decades of reimagining the future through innovation.

Data storage

All-flash and hybrid storage: Power your data from the edge to the cloud with workload-optimized infrastructure that delivers the cloud experience for every application.

Hyperconverged infrastructure: Power everything from business-critical applications to your distributed perimeter with hyperconverged solutions from HPE that redefine what HCI can be.

Data services: Leverage a suite of SaaS-based applications to power a cloud operational experience at the edge, core and cloud that simplifies operations and eliminates the IT complexity that has slowed you down.

Data protection: Unleash the true power of your data with a suite of industry-leading on-premises and cloud-based protection solutions and services.

Data warehousing servers: Power data-centric workloads and data-driven initiatives at any scale with next-generation data warehousing servers.

Storage networking: Modernize your storage infrastructure with a range of storage area network products and software solutions for the hybrid cloud.

High performance computing

The power of supercomputing is not only applied in the laboratory. HPE high-performance computing solutions scale or scale horizontally, on-premises or in the cloud, with purpose-built storage and the software you need to drive innovation. All your workloads, aligned to your economic requirements.

  • GreenLake for HPC: Easy and fast implementation of HPC projects with consumption-based solutions that are fully managed and operated for you.
  • Exascale Supercomputing: HPE offers the most comprehensive end-to-end portfolio in the HPC and AI segments to meet the needs of any enterprise.
  • HPE Cray Exascale Supercomputers: A new design to handle today’s new massive converged modeling, simulation, AI, and analytics workloads
  • Apollo Systems: Specially designed, density-optimized computing for demanding high performance computing and artificial intelligence applications.
  • Slingshot Interconnect: A high-performance network for exascale-era supercomputing of simulation, modeling, AI and diverse analytics on a single system
  • HPC software: Software to help customers unlock the full power of their HPC systems and reap the benefits of promising new applications
  • HPC storage: Cost-effective, scalable compute storage that accommodates both the unique demands of AI and traditional file storage
  • HPE Superdome Flex Servers: Scalable and reliable HPE Superdome Flex servers help you extract value from all your data and grow cost-effectively with their modular building block architecture.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions: Unlock the value of data with flexible AI solutions that provide the scalability, performance and cost controls you need.
  • Deep learning and machine learning: AI solutions that accelerate the value of your data to drive business intelligence
  • Pointnext Expertise Services: HPE’s world-class technology services consulting and support organization enables organizations to deliver better experiences.
  • HPE Financial Services: A range of financial and asset lifecycle solutions to meet today’s needs and position for future success

Optimize your process from the perimeter to the cloud with HPE

Power your platform from the edge to the cloud with proven, workload-optimized IT products, solutions and services.

  • HPE GreenLake for Computing: Transform the way you do business with one experience and operating model across your distributed clouds, for applications and data at the edge, in colocations and in your data center.
  • Converged perimeter systems: Enterprise IT capabilities in a compact, rugged form factor designed for hostile operating environments found at the perimeter.
  • Rack and tower servers: Grow your business with powerful and affordable servers, right-sized for even the most challenging workloads.
  • Composable infrastructure systems: A composable blade infrastructure that powers any workload within a hybrid cloud environment.
  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure: Accelerate innovation and time to market by driving unprecedented resiliency, agility and workload consolidation with HPE hyperconverged infrastructure.
  • High Performance Computing: Answer your most important questions and solve your most complex problems with HPE’s solutions, expertise and global ecosystem of HPC partners.
  • Computing systems: Accelerate your IT modernization with intelligent, workload-optimized conventional computing systems available as a service
  • Mission-critical systems: resilient, high-speed solutions that exceed the digital transformation demands of today’s enterprises.
  • Computing Solutions: From containers to zero-trust security, HPE computing solutions have you covered.

Harness the power of your data to drive business results at the perimeter

  • HPE greenlake for networking: Transform the way you do business with a distributed cloud experience and operating model for applications and data at the edge, in colocations and in your data center.
  • Switches: Enterprise switches specifically designed for cloud, mobile and IoT devices
  • Wireless: Wi-Fi access points and controllers for seamless connectivity and mobility
  • Data Center Networking: Evolving data center networking solutions that accelerate and simplify your transition to hybrid cloud
  • EDGE compute: Built on the same technology as data center systems with unparalleled enterprise-class IT compute
  • Management and operations: Deployment, monitoring and orchestration tools available through modern cloud and on-premises software.

HPE Ezmeral: It is a hybrid cloud platform specifically designed for data science and analytics workloads: create and accelerate modern data analytics initiatives at scale with a fully orchestrated Kubernetes container platform along with an integrated persistent storage layer and machine learning operations for data science workflows.

Infrastructure management: HPE OneView takes a software-defined approach to managing IT infrastructure with efficient workflow automation, a modern dashboard and a comprehensive partner ecosystem.

Network management: Aruba AirWave is the only multi-vendor wired and wireless network management solution designed with mobile devices, users and applications in mind.

Server Management: Automation solutions provide improved operational efficiency, faster application deployment and reduced costs through agile operations and streamlined processes.

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