Cyber Protect

Modernize your cybersecurity and backup infrastructure with integrated cyberprotection

Eliminate gaps in your defenses

Comprehensive cyber protection with unique integration of data protection and cybersecurity

Improved security of each workload
Ensure better protection for every workload with essential cyber protection

Instant recovery without data loss

Avoid downtime with near-zero RPO and RTO for all users and applications

AI-driven data protection and cybersecurity integration


Intelligent protection plans based on threat alerts


AI/ML-based threat and behavioral analysis


AI-assisted full-visibility attack at the perimeter


From attacks without loss of data and with integrated patches


Fast and accurate investigations with forensic backups


  • CyberFit score: rapid assessment of a device’s protection status
  • Vulnerability assessment: comprehensive dashboard for vulnerability detection, severity and patch availability.
  • Anti-ransomware protection: industry-leading AI-based active protection, now includes a static analyzer and behavioral analysis.
  • Antivirus and antimalware protection:Pre-execution AI-based file scanner, behavioral-based cyber engine
  • Device control: control of channels (local workloads) such as endpoints (Windows PC, workstation, server), ports, peripheral and redirected devices, clipboard, virtualized sessions
  • File backup
  • Workload image backup
  • Application backup
  • Backup of shared network drives
  • Cloud backup
  • Backup to local storage
  • Reduce security risks
  • Ensure the integrity of business-critical data
  • Achieve greater regulatory transparency
  • Blockchain-based notarization certificates with embedded verification
  • Group workload management
  • Centralized management of protection plans
  • Remote desktop: remotely access any terminal as if you were close to the device.
  • Remote assistance: allow your engineers to view a user’s screen, to assist with specific tasks or troubleshoot problems.
  • Hardware inventory: inventory all hardware assets on the organization’s protected endpoints.


  • Failover testing – gives you the confidence that you can recover quickly and successfully
  • Cloud-only VPN connection



  • Enhanced active protection with vulnerability prevention, URL filtering, anti-malware detection for backed-up data and improved detection rate to detect more threats faster.
  • Intelligent protection plans, customizable automatic applications allow list , automatic malware scans and AV definition updates as part of the recovery process to effortlessly protect your platform.
  • Collect digital evidence and store it in a secure central repository to enable thorough post-incident investigations and proper remediation, while keeping costs down.
  • Automate routine tasks such as provisioning, configuration and maintenance with ready-to-use, verified scripts that you can easily customize or create your own.
  • Keep your users’ systems up-to-date and close security gaps with integrated vulnerability assessments and automated patch management for more than 270 applications.
  • Optimize your planning with hardware and software inventory collection, remote desktop support and end-point status monitoring.
  • Scheduled backup reports, along with cloud backup enhancements such as continuous data protection, help you save time and prevent your users from losing data.
  • We offer a unique approach by combining cloud backup with cyber protection features such as anti-malware and anti-virus, helping you keep your users’ data safe.
  • From a single console, protect more than 20 types of workloads, including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle DBMS Real Application Clusters and SAP HANA.
  • Get users up and running in minutes by activating IT systems in the cloud with full site-to-site connectivity and the ability to recover to similar or dissimilar hardware.
  • There is no need to add, learn or manage another platform. It is a solution for any workload managed from a single interface that allows you to create a complete cyber protection service.
  • Automated testing of production and quality systems.
  • Protection for sensitive data on more than 70 channels:prevents data leakage from workloads through peripheral devices and network communications by analyzing the content and context of data transfers and applying policy-based preventive controls.
  • Automatic behavior-based DLP policy creation: Automatically reference and profile sensitive data streams to continuously create and adjust DLP policies to constantly changing business specifications, ensuring protection against the most common causes of data leakage.
  • Rapid reactivity to DLP events: Enable rapid response and forensic investigations and simplify DLP policy maintenance through centralized audit logs and alerts on security events. Facilitate the creation of reports with information-rich widgets.
  • Stop phishing, phishing and account hijacking: Minimize email risk for your users with powerful threat intelligence, signature-based detection, URL reputation checks, unique image recognition algorithms and machine learning with DMARC, DKIM and SPF record checks. Detect and mitigate account takeover attacks (ATO)
  • Catch advanced evasion techniques: Detect hidden malicious content by recursively unpacking embedded files and URLs and analyzing them separately with dynamic and static detection engines.
  • Prevent advanced persistent APT threats and zero-day attacks: Prevent advanced email threats that evade conventional defenses with Perception Point’s unique CPU-level technology, capable of acting earlier in the attack chain to block vulnerabilities before the malware is launched, providing a clear verdict in seconds.

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