Corporate Social Responsibility

Private sector efforts are crucial in supporting health and environmental causes, as they can provide resources, expertise and innovation that complement public and non-governmental initiatives. SupraBT, an information technology and business services company, is committed to contributing to these efforts. We have identified two areas where we believe we can help leverage these initiatives: cancer research and ocean health. We are developing a program that leverages our professional services, cybersecurity and cloud computing capabilities to support these causes. Our program is young and under development, so we are open to and welcome inquiries from non-profit organizations seeking collaboration. We believe that by working together we can create a better future for all.


A Civil Association, of private character (non-governmental), non-profit, with its own juridical personality; founded on April 15, 1998 and registered in the Subaltern Office of the Fourth Circuit of the Libertador Municipality of the Federal District, under number 44, Volume 17, Protocol 1, dated 28MAY1998.

ONSA A.C. (ONSA VENEZUELA)The purpose of the National Organization for Maritime Rescue and Safety of the Venezuelan Aquatic Spaces, legally named “National Organization for Maritime Rescue and Safety of the Venezuelan Aquatic Spaces”, is: to support and cooperate with the respective authorities in the work of maritime safety, navigation and ecological balance; to carry out search, rescue and maritime rescue work; to stimulate the development of the system and organization of maritime rescue and safety of the aquatic spaces at national level, in order to contribute to the preservation of human life at sea, the protection of the aquatic environment and any other activity that benefits the Venezuelan society.

The Jacinto Convit Foundation (FJC)

Is a non-profit institution established in June 2012, which preserves, protects and continues the work, projects, values and philosophy of the physician, scientist and humanist Dr. Jacinto Convit.

Inspired by social service through science, the FJC integrates a multidisciplinary team of health, basic sciences, social and humanistic professionals who develop a scientific, social and educational work in the service of public health, social development of the country and humanity.

The FJC is an independent entity that works in alliance and collaboration with institutions of the health system, research centers, academia, multilateral organizations, non-profit organizations, and private institutions. Our goal is to work for the welfare of others through programs of scientific and social impact.

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