ITC Service Desk

ITC Service Desk

As an organization, your company demands the highest level of support, maintenance and protection of its technological infrastructure.
Our ITC Service Desk, with proven experience of more than 6 years; minimizes and resolves unforeseen events, meeting requirements in an efficient, effective and timely manner both remotely and on site; avoiding interruptions to your company’s operations; with service level agreements tailored to your needs and reality.
We are 100% committed to SupraBT, we would not put the management of our systems in the hands of another provider.
Marcela Silva

General Manager, Maison Blanche

When should you subscribe to the ITC Service Desk?

  • IT staff spend more time supporting than engaging in strategic projects
  • High turnover of IT staff causing loss of specialized knowledge
  • Lack of statistics from your KPIs to improve your IT services
  • Service Desk users are not satisfied with response or resolution times
  • Lack of processes standardization
  • Service Desk availabitlity to keep operations running is vital
  • There is a great opportunity to improve your Service Desk processes

Service Advantages

  • Cost reduction due to economies of scale and synergies (between 20% to 40%, case dependent)
  • Higher customer benefits when choosing a business strategy focused on your core business
  • Facilidad de gestión, mayor versatilidad y acceso a nuevas ideas de IT para el crecimiento de su empresa
  • Allows joining efforts, relying on external expertise
  • Allows the client to adopt flexible schedules according to the nature of their business
  • Compliance with service and quality levels according to client needs
  • Access to information technology industry best practices