Oracle has over 400,000 clients around 145 countries, offering a comprehensive and highly integrated range of products such as cloud applications, platform services and engineered systems among others.

Business Intelligence

Take decisions faster by empowering and better managing your business while getting a comprehensive view of your industry. Delivery of clearer analytics. The tools of Oracle business intelligence with cloud analytics allow your business to grow with faster access to more data and users.

Data Bases

Oracle has been innovating across all layers of its OLTP database platform, Data Warehousing, mobile and cloud systems by generating synergy and compatibility with the most powerful applications and platforms in the world.


The new generation of physical networks from Oracle facilitate deploying new applications, maximizing efficiency and delivering the best user experience. Data center networking solutions incorporate security features and alternatives for mission critical applications in the cloud, allowing access to more user no matter where they are.


Platforms designed to stand out in specific tasks such as cloud services, handling virtualized workloads, database management or statistical analysis and business intelligence are a few of the functions Oracle engineered systems offers users. Each component plays a fundamental role in the achievement of the goals for which it was designed with outstanding performance.


Oracle VM and Oracle Linux are part of the Oracle technology stack and help your information technology team respond faster to the growing demand for services and applications of your company diminishing hardware costs by up to 87%.